Thursday, November 10, 2011

And so it begins ...

At first, it was just kinda my thing.  Then it got a little out of hand.  Next, it became a photo game with some friends.  And now, it is seriously an out of control obsession.

Do you ever find yourself planning shopping trips, and the only thing you plan to look for is nail polish?  Do you ever find yourself practically sprinting to the cosmetic section of any store you might go into?  Yeah.  Me too.  I should be hunting down new colors right now.  But instead, I'm talking to you.  Feel the love yet?

Sooooo, over time, I will be updating with my tips and tutorials for awesome nails that you can very easily do at home!  I don't trust anyone with my nails, and you shouldn't either.  Happy painting!!

*** A very special thanks to Melissa and Kristina for fueling the fire on this! ***


  1. I think it's awesome someone else has such an obsession with nail polish that I do!!! You're awesome Nic!!!

  2. Ladies of the world ... grab your colors!!!!!!

  3. I find I myself scanning shops for nail polish all the time now!

  4. Yeah - it's getting a little out of control!

  5. LOL) Love first posts! I did plan the shopping trips, and I knew every clearance bin in every store. I also figured out that every Kmart, Target etc. have "markdown" shelf which is hidden out of view. I love to hunt it))


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