Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'll have a Starburst with scotch, please!

Colors: Milani Cyberspace w/ OPI Black Onyx

This one might take ya a little while, but it's actually relatively easy.  Once your base color is completely dry, take a small pair of shears and cut very thin strip of scotch tape for each nail.  Get them securely in place, and add two coats of your top color.  Once the second coat is on, take the tape off immediately, and top coat.  Make your strips as thick or as thin as you like!  I used a little bit of a variety of widths for fun!!!


  1. Oh man! I love this! It's very art deco looking.

  2. Oh thanks hun!! It kept making me think of the Empire State Building when I was doing it!!! My husband said he thought it was a starburst!


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