Monday, November 14, 2011

A magnetic personality!


Color: Nails Inc. - Houses of Parliament (Magnetic Polish)

Okay - this was fun!  I've been after this polish for a while now, and after the lovely Kristina showed me the gorgeous chrome color, called Trafalgar Square, I knew I had to hunt it down!!!  I snagged mine from Sephora. They only had the purple and the chrome colors -- still on the hunt for the teal, called Whitehall Teal.  I hadn't seen the purple in action yet, so I went straight for that one!  This polish is really interesting!  It goes on really smoothly, and dries VERY quickly.  After your base coat and first color coat, which you don't need to use the magnet on, get ready to move quickly!!  As soon as you apply your second coat to one nail, whip out the magnet!!  If you wait too long, it won't work since it starts to dry after a matter of seconds!  Just hold the magnet on the cap close to your nail, and watch the color do it's thing!!  This polish looks absolutely gorgeous with a high shine top coat, since it does not have much of a natural shine element to it.

I also thought I'd have a bit of fun and see what else I might be able to do with it.  After my second coat was magnetized, I painted another coat on only half of a couple of my nails, then used the magnet again.  It came out looking like a feather pattern, which was fun to look at!!!  Here is how that looks on my middle finger:


If your curious about this one, I really recommend trying it.  It's extremely eye catching, and great for a fast mani!


  1. I have to get around to trying these soon. This purple one looks awesome!

  2. It is so awesome!!! If you position the magnet differently, you will get a different design every time!!

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