Thursday, November 10, 2011

All ya need is scotch!!

Colors: OPI Espresso Your Style! w/ OPI Black Onyx

No, not advice, literal tips!  Scotch tape is quite possibly the easiest thing in the world you can use to tip your own nails!  Yes, I realize that there are those little "guide" stick-ons out there.  But, there is one very simple problem with those: They're too thick!!!  The thickness causes a thick edge of your polish when you're painting your tips, so as soon as you remove the strip, you're left with a messy, tacky line instead of something seamless.  If you really wanna go above and beyond for a perfectly curved line, then get the strips!!!  But don't put them on your nails!!!! Place a guide on a strip of your scotch tape, and use some small shears to trim around the edge, then take the guide sticker off of the tape!!!!!  I know, it sounds like a pain, and it kind of is.  So I'd stick to the scotch tape.  As always when scotching your nails, be sure to let your base color dry completely before applying your tape!!

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