Sunday, December 4, 2011

A holiday explosion

My husband wanted me to do something super festive for his office holiday party ... the boss's wife has to look nice, right!?  So, I went with both sets of traditional holiday colors: green & red and silver & gold.  I painted each nail with two coats of colors alternating between silver, red, and green.  Next, I cut long triangular pieces of scotch tape, and placed it across the center of my nail.  Once the tape was set, I painted different colors on the top and bottom sections.  Once that was complete, I used the amazing gold flakes over the entire nail.  My husband was happy, and I received a ton of compliments!!!


  1. Love love love these colours together and your lines are PRISTINE! And that topcoat *sigh*

  2. Thank you! You're so sweet!! Scotch tape is my best friend!!!!

  3. This is fabulous. Looks divine!


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