Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Madly in lust with Hot Purple

When it comes to lacquers, purple has always been my "go to" shade.  But now, I have a "go to" purple.  I mean, come on ... look at this!!!!

This little gem is New York Summer 'Hot Purple'.  Is this not the most amazingly luscious purple jelly EVER?!?! 

The thing that I find to make it so very unique is that light will give the tips of your nails the appearance of a slightly bluer shade.  (This would have been much more easily illustrated yesterday, prior to the finger nail homicide, but such is life.)

And, of course, this truly royal shade would not be complete without a crown, thanks to Nicole's Silverella and Red Angel plate RA-119.  I realize this is so not my normal use of nail art, but, to be honest ... I didn't want to take anything away from the magic that is this color!


  1. It's awesome! I love this purple :-)

  2. Ouch! I think I burned my eyes because that color is HOTT! LOVE!

  3. so pretty!! where do you find New York summer polishes?

  4. I know right!!! It is so the ish!!! I snagged this from transdesign.com. Their prices are great! The New York Summers are less than $2.00 a bottle, if you can believe it! Actually, everything they have is super reasonable! The shipping fees are kind of a joke though. I paid about $8.00 for shipping, and then realized their store is less than a half an hour away from me. Crap. LOL!!!

  5. You're right, what a great jelly! Where did you buy this?

  6. So beautiful.
    Looks so cool nail polish. :)



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