Monday, January 16, 2012

The Breakdown on Elixir Lacquers

Since I've been getting questions right and left on the meanings of the Elixir Lacquer polish names, I thought I'd go ahead and break it down for you since they're all up on the site now!!!

With a K
This one was named for me.  It is a long standing joke now for some of my friends to refer to me as "Nicole with a K".  When we all used to go out and party our faces off every night, we would spend a ton of time during the day online, and we all had different aliases/user handles, so to speak.  And mine was Nikole.  These names have stuck to us all like glue for over 10 years now.  Somethings are just too funny to die.

Kind of Connery
This was named for my husband, Sean.  He was actually named after Sean Connery - his father's favorite actor.  Since there are a number of different ways to spell his first name, when people would ask him about it, his reply was always, "Sean, as in Connery."

We Sisters Three
This one was named for my three sisters, Tammie, Gina, and Leslie!  They all have the perfect shade of dark hair, so they always look amazing in green.  I adore my sisters completely.  I'd be completely up a creek without them!

Supa Sugar Bee
This one was named for my best friend Melissa!  Remember what I was saying about "With a K"?  So yeah, Supa was Melissa's alias!  And I always seem to call her Sugar Bee when I'm talking to her!  I loved this one for her, since purple and sparkly just screams, "Melissa!" to me!!!

This one is named for my mom!!  She has gorgeous auburn hair, and looks dazzling when it's paired with any of her pretty gold accessories!!!  I named it Dakota, because of a long standing joke between my parents, that involves my dad calling her Dakota!  And just to clarify, my mom is better than your mom.  So HA!

Blue & Green Blondes
This one was named for my little boys, Taylor & Evan!  They're my mischievous angels!  Taylor has blue eyes, and Evan has green eyes, and they both have some of the blondest hair ever!!!!

A Cool Fool
This one was named for my dad, and is honestly my favorite name in the collection.  Just to be clear, I am in no way referring to my dad as a fool.  In some of my younger days, I listened to a lot of lectures from my dad ... and good lord, did I ever have 'em comin.  One of the favorite repeats in these was the "Cool Fool" lecture, and about how the words were similar in sound, but very different in meaning.  I always said that if I ever wrote a book, there would most definitely be a chapter called "Cool & Fool".  Since I don't have any book deals on the horizon, I thought I'd immortalize it in polish form!  My dad is simply awesome!

This one is named after my little family - my husband, myself, and our two boys.  Our last name starts with the letter F, so I always find myself referring to us as "F4".  Plus, my kids seem to have a tornado like effect on a clean house.

So, there it is.  The inspiration for the polish names in the Preciate Collection!!!


  1. These stories are so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love them all my favorites are kind of Connery and a cool fool, I love the reasons behind all the names makes them more personnel when you wear them :)

  3. My brother was named after Sean Connery too! And I was name after Nicole Kidman, so I totally understand. I love your polishes so much!!

  4. Great stories behind the polish names!

  5. Great stories!
    So sweet :)

  6. Oh wow... I love the inspiration for the names, you really made all of these special!!! LOVE <3

  7. Awwww...I love the meaning behind the polishes... soo lovely and meaningful!! they are all so gorgeous!!

  8. I love the meanings :) I was actually guessing that With a K was meaning Nicole with a K haha!

  9. Nicole these are lovely, and what lovely stories behind the inspiration for them, I want them all!!

  10. All of these are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. I love how you came up with the names. It's cool to know the back stories ;0).

  12. I love it how you came up with so personal names that have a meaning behind them.

  13. Adorable - I love the stories behind everything!


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