Friday, January 13, 2012

A Bumbling Bee

The awesome Rebecca from Hard Candy sent me two of the Just Nails polishes for me to try out!

It is actually kind of amusing - I was just talking to someone about how hard it is to find a really pretty yellow polish!  And now, thanks to Hard Candy, I have one!  Splendid is just that!  It is such a pretty and soft yellow!!  I absolutely adore it!  It isn't too thin, which is a common problem I have with yellows.

The End is a fantastic black that has a great patent like finish - super shiny!

I have some other Hard Candy polishes in my arsenal, so I thought I would use Sky with these two as well!  Sky is my favorite baby blue!  It's a beautiful color, with a light ice blue shimmer.

I used a detailing brush to paint the little bumble bee on my ring finger with Splendid.  Next, I used a striping brush with The End to create the bumble bee stripes, stinger, and antenna.  Then I used my dotting tool to create the polka dot pattern on my other nails.  I decided to use a blue glitter detail polish from Claire's to create the bee wings.  Finally, I finished it off with a coat of SV.

I absolutely love these two polishes, and will most definitely be using them a lot from now on!  Happy Painting!!!

Colors: Hard Candy Splendid, Hard Candy The End, Hard Candy Sky, Claire's Blue Glitter


  1. This is super cute. I love the color combo.

    1. Thank you so much! I just love the colors! They're all so bright and fun, without being blinding!!

  2. This is soo cute!!! Very creative, unique and the colors are great!

  3. Adorable!!! <3 Love the dots you added too!

  4. Agree about yellows...they are so hit and miss for me too. Super adorbs bee!

  5. wow! THis mani looks adorable!

  6. Your nails look great! And this design is both fun and sophisticated with the dotting.
    Sky is my favourite baby blue also :) love the shimmer in it.
    This is totally bee-ber licious ;) (couldn't help myself) lol

  7. so cute! i love the color choices. it makes me want spring to come soon! =)

  8. This is such a great mani!!! Love the beautiful detail!! That blue is gorgeous!


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