Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dots in a Dash!

So last night I went out for my friend Jacky's birthday.  (And let me just say, Jacky is decidedly awesome.)  I was a little pressed for time, since I take longer to get ready than should be legal.  I'm consistently in the severe habit of wearing only black or grey when I go out.  So, I always try to have a blast of color on my nails .... and then of course I have to match the make-up to the nails.  ('Cause, ya know.)  So I grabbed my dotting tool, and went to town!!

I started off with two coats of Zoya Savita, an absolutely luscious deep purple matte.  Next, I used Revlon Blue Lagoon, Kiss Black, and Kiss White to create the dotting pattern.

I kept a paper towel handy so that I could keep my dotting tool clean in between applications.  (I used the large dotting tip only for this step.)  I wanted the lines to be precise, so I started the top line in Blue Lagoon, and made just one dot.  Next, I used the white to place the second dot next to it, slightly higher so that the lines would slant.  I just repeated the process until the nail was full.

Finally, I used the small dotting tip with Black and placed the dots above each line of larger dots, in between where the larger dots appear.  I almost left it at that, and finished getting ready.  But there is something about Savita with a gloss finish that simply dazzles and commands attention!  So I finished it off with a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  To be honest, I adore this mani!  And I had an absolutely fabulous time out!!!

Colors: Zoya Savita, Kiss Black, Kiss White


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!! XD your dotting skills r awesome!! The dots are all the right size!! XD <3 it!!

  2. I love this mani, I have a soft spot for dots,think I may have to do one, not for done one for a while, glad you had a great night out too, not done that since last year either lol

  3. Oohhhh dots are one of my favourite designs and this one is super cool. I like the combo of the big and little dots. Looks awesome! :)

  4. I love this!! Polka dots are one of my favorite types of manicures. Love the colors.


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