Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sit Down, Look Pretty, and Sparkle

So tonight I was kinda on the fence about what to do with my nails.  So, I actually asked the hubby what I should do!  For those of you who haven't seen him ... Here's my husband, Sean!!  

I know, awww ... right?!  He asked me to do something light with sparkly tips.  (We have a secret meaning for the word "sparkle", so that certain sarcastic banter between us will be kid friendly!)

I grabbed three of my MANY untrieds tonight, starting with Zoya Marley, a very pretty pale lilac with a very subtle silvery shimmer.  This is just one coat of Marley with no topcoat.

For some added sparkle, I used two coats of Nicole by OPI Count on Me.  It's a really pretty lilac shimmer, with shines of blue.  I used one coat of SV over the two coats.

For my accent nail, I went with Butter London The Black Knight - an awesome black jelly loaded with multicolored micro glitter.  I used two coats, followed by one coat of Wicked Fast. 

I taped off and used The Black Knight for the sparkly tips, as requested!!  I finished off my mani with a coat of Wicked Fast.

Sean was really happy with the end result!  I like the way the colors contrast and compliment all at the same time!  This was a quick and easy mani for a very tired girl!  I hope you enjoy this one, and all of the untried colors!  
Happy Painting!


  1. Gorgeous!!!

    Now, Am I talking about your mani or your husband? Lol... ;-)
    Ok Ok.... I know he's yours, but you have no problem with a sister admiring right? Lol... Major "Awww"!!

    Now for what really brought me here... Your mani is fabulous! Looks really lovely. :-)

    1. HAHAHA!! That's awesome! I have no problem with any admiring! I mean, come on, he's freaking gorgeous!

      And thank you! I love when he helps pick my mani designs!

    2. SO cute that he helps you pick mani designs. :-D

  2. This is amazing!! I can never do tips. :( The polish always seems to leak underneath the tape and smudge everywhere. Yours are so clean and perfect!

  3. Gorgeous! I love black tips :)

  4. I love it!!! Your husband is so handsome. You guys make a cute couple.

  5. I love this combination, very different. I think I may have to pick up the Dark Knight.

  6. Great to see he has an interest in what your doing :) I love The Black Knight. Great mani!


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