Thursday, February 23, 2012


Believe it or not, I am still up to my eye balls in Elixir glitters!  So here's my swatch of the day ... and it's drool worthy!!!

Nerd Lacquer - Nebula

Okay, this polish is the visual example of why I am IN LOVE with indie polish lines.  

Look at all of that glitter!  I have never had to fish glitter out of the bottle with an indie brand.  

The almost wine colored jelly in Nebula has such a great formula!  It goes on beautifully, and demands attention!!!

This is just two coats of Nebula, followed by a coat of SV.

Busy or not, I honestly wouldn't have added any nail art to this.  I mean, seriously, could I have possibly topped this look???  It really is dazzling.  If you don't have your own bottle of this, you're missing out ... so be sure to check out the Nerd Lacquer store ASAP!!!

As special photo request from Bunny!  She wanted to see what this looked like from a bit further away!

So, to sum up, this polish clearly looks awesome up close, or far away.  I'm kinda convinced it can be seen from space!!!!

Happy Painting!


  1. So pretty! Would it be weird to do some photos that are a little farther away? I like seeing the macros and close ups but I spend a lot of time holding my hand out and looking at my polish haha! It might be nice to see what these colors look like from a bit of distance.

  2. This is the best swatch of Nebula I have ever seen!!! I want it even more now!!

  3. OMG I ordered this and now i am BEYOND excited - arrrgghhh can't wait for it to get here!! superb drool-worthy photos !! xx

  4. Wow!! That's stunningly beautiful!!!

  5. Drop dead gorgeous! Such a flattering color, looks awesome on you!

  6. I'm yet to try Nerd Lacquer but when I do I'm sure this will be one of the first ones. *Adds to wish list*

    Also not sure if you have this tag already but I've tagged you in the Nail Polish Tag:

  7. Crud... There's another one to add to my way too long list of nail polish wants. It's gorgeous!

  8. Oh wow, I'm SOOO happy that I ordered this one during her last sale! Your swatches are so beautiful!

  9. You seriously have got to stop posting!! *facepalm*

  10. I have been going back and forth about Nebula and you just made up my mind. It looks AMAZING on you, almost like a completely different polish than some of the other swatches I have glanced at. Your swatches do this polish justice AND THEN SOME!

    1. That is so sweet of you to say!! Thank you!!!!

  11. wow i would love to have it its perfect!

  12. I have fallen in love with this shade/look. Thanks for swatching it - lovely!

  13. k. just saw this. LOVE it. Want it. The link no longer works and I can't find it. Help please!


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