Friday, February 3, 2012

Andie, hun, don't waste good lip gloss.

I know this is completely out of the norm for me, but I loved Blane so much after trying it last night, that I had to check out Andie this morning.  This is another polish by Nostalgic Nail Lacquer from The Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle collection.

It is such a beautiful milky pastel pink glitter!

I started with one coat of Essie French Affair, a delicate light pink creme.

I was really curious to see how it would work over a bright pink, so I used Zoya Renee, a fun neon pink, on my right ring finger.

I used three coats of Andie, because, as I said with Blane, the formula is amazing!  Even polish distribution, and a great finish!!!

I really cannot get enough of the milky glitters!  The way the glitter appears within the layers is so beautiful!!!

The example of Andie over Renee gives you a great view of the color shift that occurs with this polish.  It gives a really nice soft pink tint that, while not opaque, gives a great change to your base polish shade!

And once again, I really didn't need to add any nail art to this one, so I finished with a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast!

Colors: Essie French Affair, Zoya Renee, Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Andie


  1. As much as I loved the purple you used in your previous post, I think I love the pink even more! These polishes are amazing! Where did you get them?

    1. I got the set from Nostalgic Nail Lacquer's Etsy store:

  2. This one is my favorite!! It's a beautiful pink ;0).

  3. Really pretty colors :)

  4. It's nice to see another polish that has some variation of my nickname as its own name, but... why again a pink shade xD Anyway, nice layering!


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