Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Minty Chevron

Hi everyone!  I hope all of you had an amazing weekend!  I know I did!!!!

Since I missed Stamp Sunday, I thought I'd make up for it today!

I started off with two coats of Wet n' Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint.  It's a beautiful minty creme, with a bit of an almost aqua feel to it.  

I like the formula, but I'm really not wild about the wide angled brush.  They're just not my thing.

I used Sally Hansen Mint Sprint with Bundle Monster plate BM-201 for the chevron design.

This is actually the first time I have done a chevron pattern, and I really like it!!  I'm also really pleased with the newest plate set from Bundle Monster.  Most of the designs are really fun and different.  I'm also so happy they added a backing to the plates!  I didn't slice my finger open on any of them!!!

I hope you all enjoy my minty mani!  Happy Painting!!!


  1. I wish I could stamp as straight as you! Looks awesome! :)

  2. Wow... Great combo! ♥ the colors!!

  3. So pretty and bright! I need a happy colour like that. :D

  4. I love this stamp!
    I have it also and I do it all the time :)

  5. love the wet n wild colour, infact i love both colours x

  6. Argh, I can't stamp straight so I've been avoiding this pattern! Yours look perfect :)

  7. Thank you so much ladies! Whenever I use a stamp like this, I always line it up along the tip and edge of my nail. It helps me get a straight stamp!!! I hope that helps!

  8. I have the same WetnWild polish it wasn't a big hit for me.I also didn't like the brush.Love your nail design.

  9. where do you get your stamps from??

    1. I get my Red Angel, Cheeky, and Bundle Monster plates on Amazon.com

      For Konad, I usually use http://www.konadnailart.com/

  10. Love a good chevron pattern. You nailed it! Looks gorgeous

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