Friday, March 30, 2012

Nice Stocking to Ya

Hi ladies!  I have been ultra excited about OPI's upcoming NYC Ballet collection, so you can imagine how excited I was to snag this little gem today!
I know the full size collection will be available in a matter of days, but I really just couldn't wait!!

I started with two coats of My Pointe Exactly - an amazing sheer grey jelly.

Next, I applied one coat of Pirouette My Whistle - a clear coat with silver micro and mini hex glitters.

For a jelly sandwich look, I applied one more coat of My Pointe Exactly.  These polishes have an amazing natural shine!  (Above is shown with no top coat!!)

But, of course, I simply couldn't stop there!!  Since these polishes are inspired by the tights and tutus of the NYC Ballet, I immediately thought of light fishnets pulled over sheer tights!

I used Konad Special White and Black Pearl with Cheeky plate CH11 to create the fishnet look!

I finished with one coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

I am absolutely crazy about these polishes!  I cannot wait to own the full collection!

I am over the moon with the final result of this!  It has such a striking yet delicate feel to it!!  I hope you like it as well!!

Happy Painting!!!!

Colors: OPI My Pointe Exactly, Pirouette My Whistle, Konad Special White, Konad Special Black

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lost my Marbles!

Hi ladies!!  I've missed the past few Pink Wednesdays, so I thought I'd come back with something big!

I started off by applying one coat of China Glaze Sweet Hook.

Next, I used Sweet Hook with China Glaze Crimson and Zoya Renee in my cup of water to create my patterns.

If you are curious about step by step water marbling, there are some amazing tutorials on YouTube!

This is actually the first time I have ever sat down and done water marbling on all of my nails!!!  I wasn't going for anything too symmetrical.  I was just playing around with different designs.  I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Crack Myself Up

Hello!!  Time wasn't exactly on my side today, but I wanted to give you something!  I received a new crackle polish today, Funky Fingers Teal Scales.  It's more than commonly known that I'm not much on crackles.  But, this is a glitter crackle - so  is this gonna tip the scales??  Get it?  Teal Scales ... Tip the scales?
See?  I really do crack myself up!

I started with two coats of OPI Funky Dunkey.  As far as purple cremes go, this one is at the top of my list.  It's such a rich color, and has an amazing natural shine to it.  This is two coats with no top coat!  
Lovely, isn't it?!

Next I applied one even coat of Teal Scales, and crossed my fingers.

And, to be honest, not only do I not hate it - I actually really love it!

There's something about the glitter that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to crackles!

I finished with two coats of SV.  I decided to go with two coats to cut down on the textured appearance that shows up with crackles.  (I think that may be one of the things I dislike most about crackles.)

Overall, I really like this look.  I love the way that Funky Dunkey pops beneath Teal Scales.  I hope you enjoy it too!

Happy Painting!

Colors: OPI Funky Dunkey, Funky Fingers Teal Scales

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Can you even dye my nails to match my gown?

Hi everyone!  Tonight I'm going out for the amazing Mindi's birthday!!  I decided to finally rock my new leopard dress - and my nails just have to match!!!

I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Neptune.  It's a really pretty blue with a light silver shimmer.  The formula was a little thicker than I usually like, but it was easy to work with.  I followed with a coat of SV.

Next, I sponged on sections of Sally Hansen White On & OPI DS Illuminate, and then followed with another coat of SV.

I then used my dotting tool with China Glaze Stone Cold to create some randomly shaped spots to form the inside of the leopard rosettes.

I used my Kiss Black striping polish to outline the rosettes, and then used it with my dotting tool to create some other random spots.

I finished it all off with a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

I really love the final result for this one!!  It's really different and fun to look at!

It was also a very easy one to create, because you're not shooting for line perfection or a lot of blending.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!  And ... 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

For Your En-Zoya-Ment

Hey everyone!!  I recently took advantage of Zoya's amazing buy three get three Spring promo.  I didn't realize it at the time, but four of the six polishes I selected were purples!  So, I thought why not make it a Zoya night?!

I started with three coats of Miley, an insanely awesome super light purple jelly.  Let me just say, I am in love with this polish.  It's delicate and edgy all at the same time!!

The next steps involve a few more of my Zoya purples.  
I used my large dotting tool with Pinta, Lotus, and Mira to form randomly placed dots along the side and top of my nails.

Next, I used my small dotting tool with Zara, Marley, Danni, Tru, and Savita to add some other dots in the pattern.

I finished with a coat of SV.

I really like the end result of this.  It's purple overload, it's random, and it's fun!!!

If you have yet to jump on the Zoya bandwagon, I seriously don't know what you're waiting for.  Their polishes are amazing, and their formulas are perfect!  I hope you enjoy this one!

Happy Painting!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Elixir Lacquer ~ Sinister

Hello!!  It's time for the final swatch of The Devious Collection polishes from Elixir Lacquers ...


Sinister is light medium green with a shimmer that shifts from gold to sea foam.

This is two coats of Sinister, followed by a coat of SV.

This is the seventh polish from The Devious Collection.  As in The Preciate Collection, there is a secret shade  that will be given for free to anyone who purchases the entire Devious Collection!

The secret shade is called Calypso, and I'm keeping her a secret this time!!!  But, rest assured, she's stunning!!!

The Devious Collection will be available for purchase later today at

Color: Elixir Lacquers Sinister

Monday, March 19, 2012

Elixir Lacquers ~ Tease

Hello!  Here is another shade from The Devious Collection by Elixir Lacquers ...


Tease is a fun glossy pink with a shimmer that shifts from purple to blue.

This is two coats of Tease, followed by a coat of SV.

Tease has a smooth application, and loads of shine!!!

I hope you enjoy!

Colors: Elixir Lacquers Tease

Elixir Lacquer ~ Tempt

Hi everyone! Here is yet another swatch from The Devious Collection by Elixir Lacquers ...


Tempt is a smoky purple with a shimmer that shifts from bright purple to steely grey.

This is two coats of Tempt, followed by a coat of SV.

Tempt has a smooth formula, and the application was very seamless!

I hope you enjoy this new swatch from Elixir Lacquers!

Color: Elixir Lacquers Tempt

Elixir Lacquers ~ Siren

Hello!!  Here's one more Elixir Lacquers swatch for today!!


Siren is a eye catching brick shade with a shimmer that shifts from turquoise to green.

This is two coats of Siren, followed by one coat of SV.

The shimmer really pops in this one!  The formula is awesome, and has a great finish!

Color: Elixir Lacquers Siren

Elixir Lacquers ~ Foxy

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to show you another shade from Elixir Lacquers Devious Collection!
Meet Foxy!  (She's Bad Kitty's evil twin!)

Foxy is a gorgeous purplish blue with a shimmer that shifts from electric blue to bright purple!

Where Bad Kitty is fair, Foxy is dark!

This is two coats of Foxy, followed by one coat of SV.  The formula is smooth and shiny, and application is a breeze!!

I hope you enjoy this new Elixir Lacquers shade!!!

Color: Elixir Lacquers Foxy
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