Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Real Man's Man-icure

Sooo .... what happens when you need a nail guinea pig, and your husband is the only one around??  Yeah - that just happened.

You've gotta love him for being such a good sport about this!  I started with two coats of Revlon Stilleto, a great black creme.  

And then, hmm ... What was that awesome glassy purple with the teal shimmer that I used??  Think Think Think!  Maybe it was one of the upcoming Elixir Lacquers?!?!  Who can be sure?!  Muahaha!

Personally, I love it when a man is enough of a man to rock some polish!  And Sean has rocked this one!  I can say with some certainty that this mani will not last much longer today, but that's alright!  My husband is freaking awesome!

Happy Painting!!!

Colors: Revlon Stilleto, Elixir Lacquers *wouldn't you just love to know?!*


  1. Great color! Your husband is such a good sport!

    1. Thank you! I love the way it shines so much blue over black! I can't wait to reveal it on it's own!

  2. OUTSTANDING!! I'll need to get some as soon as I can!

  3. muahahaha, that's awesome! :D He surely *is* a good sport.

  4. Dang. Whatever this is, I want it. LOL

  5. Too cute, mine would NEVER go for it!

  6. hahah, you got that right. it takes a confident man to rock some polish for the wifey :)

  7. so jealous, been trying to get my BF to help me test colors for months!

  8. What an amazing husband you have for helping you out like that!

    P.s. the color is So beautiful!

  9. I wonder if my husband would let me do his nails just for a laugh. I think it should be a challenge in every nail bloggers ( if not already a male nail blogger!) life to get their husband to try polish on AND be photographed!!

    Lovely colour!


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