Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nicole by OPI Sophisti-Cuties Kardashian Kolor Minis Review

Hi everyone!  Today I have the second half of the new Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor Minis:


First up is My Empire ... My Rules.  Okay, this is a supremely dynamic polish!  It's a high shine and highly reflective deep greyish taupe creme.  I really did not think I was going to love it when I saw it in the packaging ... but, oh my gosh!  I love it!!!

This is two easy coats of My Empire ... My Rules.  The formula is awesome!  It went on so smoothly and perfectly!

Next up is Follow Me on Glitter.  It is a mass of black and silver micro glitter, with multicolored mini glitters in a grey jelly base.

Okay, can you say GLITTER BOMB?!  Follow Me on Glitter is completely opaque in just two coats!  It is so eye catching, and went on effortlessly!

Third we have Hard-Kourt Fashionista, a deep burgundy brown creme.  This is another that I thought I wouldn't care for ... and I was wrong again!!  It's beautiful!

This is two easy coats of Hard-Kourt Fashionista.  I am always on the lookout for a perfect deep brown for fall, and I have definitely found this year's winner!  The hints of burgundy really make this one pop!

Finally we have Khloe had a Little Lam-Lam, a deep teal creme.  

This is yet another mega shine polish from this collection.  In certain lighting, Khloe had a Little Lam-Lam has some very strong green undertones that really give it a whole new look!  This is two coats, and of course went on brilliantly!

If you haven't picked up any of the Kardashian Kolors yet, I highly recommend grabbing them.  They are all must have additions for your stash.  I hope you enjoy!

Happy Painting!

*** These items were sent for the purpose of review ***

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nicole by OPI Celeb-Bitties Kardashian Kolor Minis Review

Hi ladies!  Today I have the first half of the new Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor Minis:


I may not be able to name any of the Kardashians, or tell you anything about them, but I know the polishes by heart!!!

First up is All Kendall-ed Up, a dynamite bright pink creme.

The application for this one was excellent, very smooth and seamless!  I did end up needing to use thee coats, as I still had a few streaky areas after the first two.  I followed with one cost of SV.
I am krazy about this color!  (See what I did there? *smirk*)  It's so bright and summery and just screams, "Look at me!!!"

Before taking off All Kendall-ed Up, I decided to go ahead and apply Wear Something Spar-Kylie.  It's a clear coat with beautiful pink micro glitter.

These two polishes work really well together!  The combination really pops!  Wear Something Spar-Kylie is a total glitter bomb, so I only needed one coat, that I followed with one coat of SV.

Next up is Kim-Pletely in Love, a delicate light pink creme, with a subtle light blue shimmer.

The blue shimmer in this one really surprised me!  It wasn't too visible in the bottle, and unfortunately it was super difficult to capture in the photos!!  I needed to apply three coats of this for a fully opaque finish, and then I followed with one coat of SV.  The formula is fantastic ... for a color this light, the coverage and finish is brilliant! 

Finally, we have Sealed with a Kris, a fiery red creme.  
This one was actually my least favorite in the package, but turned out to be my absolute number one favorite!!!  Isn't it funny when that happens!?

If you're thinking this polish looks streaky, you're wrong!  This one is so super shiny, that it's actually picking up the reflection of the clouds!  LOVE IT!!!

I only needed two coats of Sealed with a Kris, and followed it with one coat of SV.  The application for this one was perfect!  Great coverage, smooth finish, and mega shine!  

Just to give you an idea of what it looks like with no reflections, here is an indoor shot:

While I might not know a thing about the Kardashians, I am over the moon with these polishes!  I can't wait to try the second set of the Kardashian Kolor Minis, Sophisti-Cuties!  

What are your thoughts on collections like these?  Do celebrity collections influence your decision to buy at all?  Let me know!

I hope you enjoy!

Happy Painting!

*** These items were sent for the purpose of review ***

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps Review

Hi everyone!  I hope you're all having a great week so far!  Today I have two of the new OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps for you to see!  

First up, we have Reptile, from the Cremes Collection of Apps!

When I first saw the design images shown on the Press Release, this one was at the top of my list!  I love all things animal print, and this one looked really fun and edgy!

The lacquer apps are great for a quick and high style mani!  Application is a breeze: Make sure nails are clean and dry.  Align lacquer app to your cuticle line.  Press down and then smooth it down your nail, and then outward.  Use nail file in a downward motion to remove excess.

I did have a few disappointments with these though.  I ran into the issue of size on a couple of my nails.  I don't really think my nails are overly wide, but some of the apps just did not cover my entire nail.  Also, I would have really like to see a bit more consistency in the designs.  The patterns really don't work together - there just seems to not be any rhyme nor reason to where the pattern falls  It almost looks like my index and finger fingers have different designs all together.

Next up we have Parisian, from the Shimmers Collection of Apps.

I am much happier with the consistency in design for this one!

I did of course have the same issues with sizing on these.  

Another thing I noticed about this particular design was the presence of many noticeable air bubbles.

After wearing these apps for only a few hours, I started to notice that the apps began to pull away from the nail along the edges.  I then applied a top coat in an attempt to seal the gap, but unfortunately this only made it worse.

Sadly, I'm not crazy about these ... but I would absolutely recommend them for a mani emergency!  Although, I am still interested in trying some of the other designs to see how they might differ from these two!

What are your thoughts on using nail strips?  Are they awesome?  Are they cheating?  Let me know!!

*** These items were sent for the purpose of review ***

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Hi everyone!  My husband stayed the night at the hospital last night.  I can't ever seem to sleep very well without him, so I stayed up and did this mani for his mom, and to promote Ovarian Cancer Awareness!  

I started with three coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, a great white creme with gray undertones.    This has definitely become my absolute favorite white polish!

I used my striping tape to create different patterns on my nails, with the exception of my ring fingers.  Since the ribbon color for Ovarian Cancer is teal, I decided to use one coat of Hits Hera, a beautiful teal holo.  I removed the striping tape immediately after applying Hera.

Next, I used my medium sized dotting tool with A England St. George, a deep teal holo, to create a dotted frame around my ringer finger nail.

Next, I used my striping brush with St. George to create the Awareness ribbon.  I finished off with one coat of SV.

Thank you again for the amazing amount of prayers and support for Sean's mother.  You have all been so amazing, and your words so uplifting!  I hope you enjoy this one!

Happy Painting!

Colors: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Hits Hera, A England St. George

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where There's Smoke

Hi everyone!  Sorry for being away for the past couple of days.  As many of you know, our family is facing a tough time right now.  My husband's mother has been battling stage three ovarian cancer for nearly three years now.  It unfortunately seems that her battle is coming close to an end.  Thank you so much for all of the prayers and support that many of you have expressed.  

I had a few minutes before bed this evening, so I thought I needed a quick new mani.

I started with two coats of Glitter Gal Lizard Belly, a stunning deep green linear holo.  The formula is wonderful!  I think it really could have been a one coater, but I used two just for kicks.  I am in lust with this polish!!!

I used Mash plate 48 with A England Dragon to create the flame design, and followed with one coat of SV.  

When stamping with holographic polishes, it may initially look a bit weak and dull.  But, when you apply the top coat, it brings out the color brilliantly.  

How ironic is that?  Everyone says not to use top coats with holos because it can cut down on the strength of the linear.  But for stamping, top coats are a must!!!

I really like how this turned out.  I can't wait to see it flash in the sunlight tomorrow!  If time permits, I'll add some direct sunlight shots!  

As promised, here are some early morning sunlight shots!

I seriously love the way the fire stands out against Lizard Belly!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!

Happy Painting!

Colors: Glitter Gal Lizard Belly, A England Dragon

Stamping Plate: Mash 48

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hi everyone!!!  I thought I'd go for something soft and sweet today!

I started off with two coats of China Glaze Kinetic Candy, a light blue creme.

Next, I added one coat of Models Own Indian Ocean, a beautiful pale blue with a pink shimmer.  Let me just say, there is almost nothing that I don't love about this polish.  My only wish is that it had an opaque finish on it's own.  But I can deal with it!!  I followed it with one coat of SV.

I wanted a little something extra that wouldn't take away from the beautiful Indian Ocean.

I used my Mash-50 stamping plate for the circular design with Barry M Silver Foil, followed by one last coat of SV.

I really like how subtle, but noticeable, the end result was.  The Silver Foil was a wonderful compliment to Indian Ocean.

I hope you all enjoy this mani that feels both delicate and edgy to me!

Happy Painting!!

Colors: China Glaze Kinetic Candy, Models Own Indian Ocean, Barry M Silver Foil

Stamp Plate: Mash-50

Monday, May 21, 2012

Saran Splotches

Hey everyone!!!  I received a lot of messages about last week's Splatteriffic mani, so I thought I'd do something different, but along the same lines stylistically.  

I started with three coats of Orly Pixy Stix, a fun bright pastel coral creme.  I used three coats because there was still a bit of streakiness left after two coats.  I followed with one coat of SV.

In artificial light (above) and natural light (below), this color really pops, but stays feminine and delicate at the same time!

I placed a few dots of Essie Coat Azure, a medium blue creme with a soft silver shimmer, on a flat surface, and then dabbed it with a wadded up piece of saran wrap.  Next, I dabbed it onto each of my nails.

I repeated the same step with Milani Orchidia, a medium purple creme with a soft purple shimmer.  I finished with one coat of SV.

I chose the two shimmer polishes so that the top coat would pull the shimmer effect across the entire nail to really make it shine in the sunlight.

This was fun, fast, and easy and is very similar to the splatter effect.  It can be a bit messy when you work on the edge and cuticle line of your nails, so you might want to use tape on your fingers for a faster clean up.

I hope you all enjoy this one!  

Happy Monday!

Colors: Orly Pixy Stix, Essie Coat Azure, Milani Orchidia

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