Monday, May 21, 2012

Saran Splotches

Hey everyone!!!  I received a lot of messages about last week's Splatteriffic mani, so I thought I'd do something different, but along the same lines stylistically.  

I started with three coats of Orly Pixy Stix, a fun bright pastel coral creme.  I used three coats because there was still a bit of streakiness left after two coats.  I followed with one coat of SV.

In artificial light (above) and natural light (below), this color really pops, but stays feminine and delicate at the same time!

I placed a few dots of Essie Coat Azure, a medium blue creme with a soft silver shimmer, on a flat surface, and then dabbed it with a wadded up piece of saran wrap.  Next, I dabbed it onto each of my nails.

I repeated the same step with Milani Orchidia, a medium purple creme with a soft purple shimmer.  I finished with one coat of SV.

I chose the two shimmer polishes so that the top coat would pull the shimmer effect across the entire nail to really make it shine in the sunlight.

This was fun, fast, and easy and is very similar to the splatter effect.  It can be a bit messy when you work on the edge and cuticle line of your nails, so you might want to use tape on your fingers for a faster clean up.

I hope you all enjoy this one!  

Happy Monday!

Colors: Orly Pixy Stix, Essie Coat Azure, Milani Orchidia

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  1. I like how you get the spatter look without the splatter mess.

  2. yumm looks like cotton candy!!

  3. The colors go very well together - nice result!!

  4. Very cool mani! Love the result!

  5. Love this technique and it looks SO much neater than splatter. Lol.

  6. Using seran wrap is a clever technique! I must try this!

  7. I always like learning new methods! Can't wait to try this!


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