Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where There's Smoke

Hi everyone!  Sorry for being away for the past couple of days.  As many of you know, our family is facing a tough time right now.  My husband's mother has been battling stage three ovarian cancer for nearly three years now.  It unfortunately seems that her battle is coming close to an end.  Thank you so much for all of the prayers and support that many of you have expressed.  

I had a few minutes before bed this evening, so I thought I needed a quick new mani.

I started with two coats of Glitter Gal Lizard Belly, a stunning deep green linear holo.  The formula is wonderful!  I think it really could have been a one coater, but I used two just for kicks.  I am in lust with this polish!!!

I used Mash plate 48 with A England Dragon to create the flame design, and followed with one coat of SV.  

When stamping with holographic polishes, it may initially look a bit weak and dull.  But, when you apply the top coat, it brings out the color brilliantly.  

How ironic is that?  Everyone says not to use top coats with holos because it can cut down on the strength of the linear.  But for stamping, top coats are a must!!!

I really like how this turned out.  I can't wait to see it flash in the sunlight tomorrow!  If time permits, I'll add some direct sunlight shots!  

As promised, here are some early morning sunlight shots!

I seriously love the way the fire stands out against Lizard Belly!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!

Happy Painting!

Colors: Glitter Gal Lizard Belly, A England Dragon

Stamping Plate: Mash 48


  1. My thoughts are with you and your family. Beautiful swatches!

  2. The mani is gorgeous!
    I'm sorry to hear about the struggle your family goes through!

  3. So truly pretty!

  4. Beautiful colors and nails! I am so sorry to hear about your rough time, it wasn't many years ago when my own mother-in-law lost her battle with cancer. *hugs* Our thoughts are with you, enjoy the time you have.

  5. I adore this mani! I've had these polishes for ages and not known what to do with them so I'm definitely going to try something similar (and link to you as inspiration of course :)) I'm so sorry about the things your family is currently going through. You will be in my thoughts x

  6. You and your family are in my prayers. Gorgeous mani!

  7. Prayers to you! ...and your mani is gorgeous.

  8. Thank you so much ladies! I appreciate all of your support immensely!

  9. Dang, that is some true holo awesomeness!

  10. Beautiful mani. :)

    My thoughts are with you and your family. ♥

  11. My prayers are with you Nicole.

    Lizard Belly looks great! :)

  12. my thoughts are with you and your family. really awesome nails!

  13. My thoughts and prayers for you and the family.. If you need to talk let me know ok? Amazing mani as always..

  14. Gorgeous as always. Sending you hugs and prayers.

  15. Love the way this looks, very stunning. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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