Friday, June 29, 2012

Ridiculously Girly!

I everyone!!  I recently received a request from a follower of my site!  Her daughter asked if I could please do something super girly and pink with sprinkles and bows!  (Awww!) 
Her wish being my command ...

I started off with three coats of Butter London Disco Biscuit, a fun and juicy bright pink jelly, with gorgeous iridescent blue micro glitters.

Since it's a jelly, the formula was naturally a little sheer.  In artificial lighting, there was still a slight VNL, but in the sun, it disappeared!

For the "sprinkle" look, I applied one coat of Sonnetarium Snowfall, a clear coat with multi sized white hex glitters, and gold micro hex glitters.

This is an absolute glitter bomb ... I only needed one coat for this crazy amount of glitter!!!

For the bows, I used Bundle Monster plate BM-317.

To achieve the light blue, I place one dot of Konad Special White, and one dot of Konad Special Blue on each side of the bow image.

I then used an orange stick to blend the dots together!

I had a lot of fun fulfilling this request!  I really hope she likes it!  I have no idea how I could have made it any girlier!!!!

Happy Painting!

Colors: Butter London Disco Biscuit, Sonnetarium Snowfall, Konad Special White, Konad Special Blue

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster BM-317


  1. What a lovely mani! That white glitter looks really good on pink!

  2. so adorable! i know she will love it!

  3. this is soooo adorable, I am so glad I'm getting that glitter in the mail soon :)

  4. It's really cute!

  5. Never heard of Sonneterium. Love that.

  6. That's such a great idea to mix the Konad polishes. I wish I had thought of that back before I bought a bunch of pastel ones, lol.

  7. I thought that the glitter was splatter paint. Love this super girlie mani!

  8. At first I thought this was a splatter mani! It's really super girly :)

  9. That glitter is so impressive haha! Great girly manicure, love it

  10. That pink Butter London polish looks really nice. I've gotta check that one out.


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