Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Storm is Brewing

Hi everyone!!  I've gotten some amazing indies lately, and the names have been so inspiring for such fun mani ideas!!!!

I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen Wet Cement, a light grey creme, followed by one coat of SV.

Next, I used Barry M Silver Foil with Bundle Monster plate BM-305 for the lightning design.  I covered it with one coat of SV to protect it from the next step.

I was worried that Silver Foil might be a bit too light to show properly against Wet Cement, but I was dead wrong!  I love the combo of these two together.  Part of me wanted to stop here since I liked it so much!

I then applied one coat of F4 Polish Stormy Night, a clear coat loaded with matte purple, black, white and blue glitters in various shapes and sizes.

I'm crazy about these glitters!  They were a little bit reluctant to come out of the bottle, especially the white ones for some reason.  But, honestly, I was kind of glad, since I wasn't going for a glitter bomb look.  I finished with one last coat of SV.

I had a lot of fun with this one!  I hope you enjoy!

Happy Painting!!

Colors: Sally Hansen Wet Cement, Barry M Silver Foil, F4 Stormy Night

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster BM-305


  1. this is stunning! i've gotta try stamping with glitters now :D

  2. This is a really great combo. :-)

  3. Stunning is right! This looks awesome. Your stamping is always so clean. And glitter makes everything better! :)

  4. The silver lightning bolts are my favorite part of this mani. Even though it's gray-on-gray, they just really pop!

  5. This is really fantastical! Love all the layers and how you can see every detail ~

  6. This is lovely! I need to check out F4!

  7. This combo is really gorgeous!

  8. It's really gorgeous, lovely combo!

  9. Ooh, that F4 polish is lovely! I'm so behind on nail stuff right now... so need to check into this line!

  10. My first time coming to your blog! I love this idea so much, what an awesome manicure.


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