Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Picture Polish - Attitude

Hey everyone!!  I have an amazing new must have to show you from Picture Polish!


Attitude is a deep purple, that has some flashes of indigo, with holographic particles.

The formula is great!  It went on so smoothly and evenly, thanks in part to the awesome long bristle brush from Picture Polish!

It was very nearly a one coater, but I used two for a deeper look, and followed with one coat of SV.

Attitude is so different from all the other polishes I own, which is really saying something.  The holographic particles really make it stand alone.  It's almost like having tiny sparkling shards of glass on your nails!  It's completely dazzling!

The amazing Kim from Overall Beauty was the mastermind behind this masterpiece!  Attitude will be exclusive to Overall Beauty & Picture Polish and forms part of their Collaboration collection.

Overall Beauty says 'beauty with attitude' so it seemed fitting that Attitude was fashioned, 'cause every girl needs some!

A friend of Kim's who received Attitude as a gift told her that if you can't show off that you are full of attitude, then why not wear it on your nails instead? It looks just as amazing on short nails as it does longer ones. There's just something about how this purple is!!

 It is definitely a true purple - not too red, not too blue, but just right shade of purple that anyone could wear. Which is the whole idea right? A color we all can wear?  

Attitude is available now at Overall Beauty.
I hope you all enjoy!

Happy Painting!!


  1. How pretty wish i could order some. they dont sell it on ebay and in holland :(

  2. I am seriously in love with Attitude! Best of all it's inspired by Overall Beauty! I love Kim!

  3. Hi, Nicole, I'm amazed by this polish, the color is awesome! I love deep purple and these holographic particles are something!
    Esmaltes, Make-up & Cia.

  4. love it - totally looks like ready made galaxy nails!

  5. OMG how gorgeous is this polish?! It reminds me of a cold December night with a sky full of stars.

  6. This is SO gorgeous! I'm only just starting to fall for shimmer polishes. This is a must have - no NEED have!!


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