Friday, August 24, 2012

Stars & Sparkles

Hi everyone!  As many of you know I am FINALLY on vacation!  WHOOOO!!!!!!
But, while I am beach bound and loving it - I could never bear the thought of leaving my blog without manis!!!  So let's go!!!

Since I'll be out in the sun, I really wanted a color that would pop in the light!  So I went for Ludurana Supremo, one of my favorite purple holos, and applied three coats.  Two would have done the trick, but I'm a big fan of three base coats for added thickness.

Supremo is so good as catching the light, I knew it would be the perfect choice for the beach.

After applying one coat of SV for protection, I used my Mash-49 plate with Konad Special Black for the star design.  

I thought about adding a little extra something, maybe for an accent nail, but I stopped myself.

I liked the simplicity of this so much that I left it the way that it is.

I finished off with one last coat of SV.

I hope you all enjoy it!!

Happy Painting!


  1. Not used to seeing simplicity on your nails! Haha looks beautiful though.

  2. Love! Perfect "Hey, man, I'm on vacation!!" mani!

  3. The stars go so well over this gorgeous holo!

  4. Woah, that polish is unbelievable! The stamping is great, such a pretty mani, I love it! Have a great holiday :)

  5. Great combo with the stars! I love that stamp!


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