Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Glitter Along the Dotted Line

Hi everyone!!  Back again today!  I just realized that I've been taking a few days off, and then posting a ridiculous amount of polish in one day.  That's curious.

Tonight I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Athens, a muted burnt teal creme.  The formula is a little thick for this one, but was still easy to work with and gave great coverage.  I followed it with one coat of SV.

I taped off the side section of my nails and applied one coat of Essie No More Film, a gorgeous deep purple creme.  Perfect formula.  Not too thin, not too thick.

I then used Athens with my medium and small sized dotting tool to create the pattern over No More Film.

To separate the sections and add a little glam, I used Kiss Silver Glitter to create the vertical line.  I finished off with one more coat of SV.

I had fun with this one and I really like the end result!  I hope you like it too!!

Happy Painting!


  1. Love Athens!! It reminds me a lot of Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection. I really do like this mani, the contrast of the two colors are beautiful!

  2. Love it!! You are so creative!

  3. Cute! I love the little line of glitter.

  4. That line is so perfect and crisp! Love the mani!

  5. So Pretty! Everything is done so perfect.

  6. Love it! I have to try this design :P

  7. Blue and teal make such a gorgeous combo! ^.^

  8. Very pretty :)
    Just started to follow you're blog. And i love it :D

  9. Love teal..great design. I hardly wear blues, but buy them all the time! I need to start wearing them.

    I am now following you :)

  10. Sweet mani! I like the colours and the design. Your nails look so beautiful.

  11. Super duper cute! On my to-do list now! :D


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