Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pretty Patchwork

Hi everyone!  It's been almost a year since I did a patchwork mani, so I thought it was high time I did a new one!!

I started off with two coats of Nubar Lavender, a soft purple creme.  I followed it with one coat of SV.

Next, I taped off different sections of my nails and applied one coat of Nicole by OPI Here We Kome A-Karoling, a deep purple shimmer.  I followed again with one coat of SV.

Finally, I taped off sections again and added one coat of China Glaze IDK, a light purple holo.  I finished with one final coat of SV.

I honestly clearly wasn't paying too much attention to my color locations, since I ended up with IDK on the nail base on three nails.  My right hand had the correct pattern, but I'm not super great at taking pics with my right hand.  No matter the color locations, I still love this look!

I had to take a little trip out in the sun to better show off IDK.  Wow, I am such a sucker for a linear holographic!

I hope you all enjoyed!

Happy Painting!

Kardashian Kolor Holiday Glitter and Shimmer Review

Hi everyone!  Today I have the newest collection from Nicole by OPI ...

Kardashian Kolor Holiday Glitter and Shimmer Lacquers 

Deck the Dolls
Accessorize teal you drop!

Deck the Dolls is a very pretty teal shimmer.  The formula was smooth and easy to apply.  It has a bit of a more muted finish than is typical with shimmers, but it's still quite lovely.
Shown is two coats

Kardashing Through the Snow
Jingle all the way in this multi-hued glitter.

Kardashing Through the Snow is a clear coat loaded with red, gold, silver, green, and blue mini glitters.  The formula allows for a generous but smooth application.  This would be the perfect addition to almost any shade for a nice holiday twist!
Shown is one coat over Deck the Dolls.

Here We Kome A-Karoling
This deep, grape purple will make your heart sing.

Here We Kome A-Karoling is an amazing deep purple with a soft purple shimmer.  To be honest, I wasn't too excited about it when I looked at it in the bottle ... but I was completely blown away after I applied it.  It's simply gorgeous - the perfect winter purple!
Shown is two coats.

All is Glam, All is Bright
This rosy silver sparkle goes with everything.

All is Glam, All is Bright is a clear coat loaded with silver and rose micro glitter.  I thought this would look really nice over Here We Kome A-Karoling, but I was shocked to find that it is completely opaque in just one coat!!!  And it is absolutely dazzling!!!  
Shown is one coat over Here We Kome A-Karoling.

Keeping Up with Santa
Deep. Rich. Red. Must be Santa.

Keeping Up with Santa is a deep red shimmer.  The formula was smooth and easy to apply.  The ruby red in this one is very rich, but nothing I haven't seen before.
Shown is two coats.

A Gold Winter’s Night
Baby, it’s warm inside….especially in this blue-flecked gold shimmer.

A Gold Winter's Night is a clear coat loaded with pale pink micro glitter, ultra fine gold fiber glitter, and blue prismatic bar glitter.  Normally, I'm not one to go crazy for bar glitters, but I actually really like this one!  It kind of makes you feel like you have tinsel on your fingers.  
Shown is one coat over Keeping Up with Santa.

Overall, I really like this entire collection.  They all have a really great holiday feel to them.  I hope you enjoyed!!

Happy Painting!!

*These items were sent for the purpose of honest review*

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review

Hi everyone!  I have a few of the Halloween polish strips from Sally Hansen for you today!!

On my ring and pinky finger is Numbskull, a flat white with black skull and crossbones.  On my middle finger is How Corney, a shimmery white with candy corns.  On my ring finger is Batty for You, a slightly shimmery purple with black bats.

Overall, I think these patterns are super cute for Halloween.  However, I prefer the flat color finish, as opposed to the shimmers, since it seems to take away from the design.  Also, I'm not crazy about the sizes provided as well.  The majority were too small to fit full on my nail, and the next size up was always way too big.

I topped all of these off with NYC Demon Glow top coat, which is supposed to glow under UV light.  I'd love to show you a picture of this effect, but it didn't work for me at all.  I'm not sure if I may have gotten a dud bottle or something.  But, lack of glow aside, I really loved it as a top coat.  It dried really quickly and had a great shine to it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these Salon Effects!

Happy Painting!

*These items were provided for purpose of an honest review*

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Things Are Gonna Get Bloody

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to be getting ready for a friend's Halloween party tonight!  I'll be going as a murderous pirate, so I wanted a matching mani!  (And since I'll be dressed in all black and red, this was a snap!)

I started off with two coats of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, one of my favorite nudes for my skin tone.  

I followed it with one coat of SV, and then taped off my nails and added one coat of Revlon Stiletto for black french tips.

I then used a small straw to splatter on Zoya Rekha for the bloody look!  I finished it off with one coat of SV.

I had an awesome time creating this one!  I hope you all enjoy it!!

Happy Painting!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Marbled Candy Corn

Hey everyone!  I've seen so many adorable candy corn manis lately, and I've been dying to create my own variation!  So I went with water marbling!!

I started off with two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, which we all know is my hands down favorite white, because of it's grey undertone.

For the marbling, I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow 360, and Nubar Orange Cream.  

To avoid the typical swoops and loops in water marbling, I dragged my orange stick from the center of the polish drops down toward the edge of the cup, until I was left with a ring of little hill shaped patterns.  This way, I was able to keep the striped look of candy corn.

For a little sparkle, I added one coat of Out the Door Northern Lights Hologram top coat.  It's very subtle and pretty!!  I added one coat of SV over that, because I had a tiny bit of texture from the Northern Lights.

I hope you all enjoy my take on candy corn as much as I do!!!

Happy Painting!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glitter Gal Swatch & Review

Hi everyone!!  I'm so excited to show you two amazing polishes from Glitter Gal!!

First we have Lizard Belly, an insanely beautiful deep green holographic.
Shown is two coats of Lizard Belly.

The formula is rich and smooth, making for a seamless application.  There is so much natural shine in Lizard Belly, and the way it sparkles is like no other.

To show off a bit more of the holographic, I took it out in the sunlight.

It really is quite the dazzler!  And the deep hue makes it a wonderful shade for fall and winter.

Next is Belgian Chocolate, a stunning deep brown holographic, with strong hints of red.
Shown is two coats of Belgian Chocolate.

The formula is matched to that of Lizard Belly, perfectly smooth and easy to apply.
As gorgeous as it is, something is missing ... the linear effect.

So I, of course, took it out into the sunlight.

You can see the linear effect within the bottle, but it just wasn't coming across on the nail.  Well, at least not entirely.  There are most definitely brilliant flashes of red, bronze, and gold.

While it may show the true linear spectrum that is always so sought after, this is quite the amazing little polish!  

For a little fun, I decided to tape off a section of my nails to form a point, stemming from the cuticle line, and then added one coat of Lizard Belly.

I then taped off the center section in the same pointed formation, and applied one more coat of Lizard Belly.  I followed it with one coat of SV.

In some lighting, Lizard Belly seemed like it was almost absorbed by Belgian Chocolate, which was very surprising.  So much of the red undertones shown through, which gave it a very subtle appearance. 

The sparkle and shine of these two polishes is so very strong that they absolutely demand attention.

In indoor lighting, the design is much more noticeable   

Glitter Gal is available at many online locations, such as their official website here and Dusk to Dawn Beauty, which is based in the US.  They are available in both 10ml and 15ml sized bottles, that are always “Big 5 Free”, cruelty free and Vegan friendly.
I addition to polish, Glitter Gal also has an amazing line of make-up products that I cannot wait to try.

Be sure to check out Glitter Gal on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest and greatest from this amazing company.

Happy Painting!!!

*These products were provided to me for the purposes of honest review*

Monday, October 22, 2012

Stripe It Up!

Hi everyone!  I recently snagged a few polishes from the new Ornate Collection from Zoya.  I was so excited to use them, so here's what I decided on!

I started with three coats of Zoya Aurora, a beautiful violet jelly, loaded with holographic particles.

Two coats might have done the trick, but there was still a very faint VNL, so I added one more.
I then followed with one coat of SV.

As amazing as this polish is, Aurora will show you a whole new speed when you take her out into the sunlight!

I taped off the upper section of my nail and added one coat of Zoya Blaze, a deep red jelly, loaded with holographic particles.

Blaze is another absolutely dazzling polish.
I followed it with another coat of SV.

I had to take it out in the sunlight as well.  

Lastly, I taped off the section midway down my lower nail and applied one coat of Zoya Storm, a black jelly, loaded with holographic particles.

I finished it off with one final coat of SV.

And, of course, I had to have a look at the finished project out in the sun.

I am absolutely crazy about this trio from the Ornate Collection.  The formulas are perfectly smooth, making application a dream.  I hope you all enjoyed it!

Happy Painting!

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