Friday, October 12, 2012

My Little Mermaid

Hey everyone!!  Tomorrow, little Dixie will be competing in another doggy costume contest!  She won first place last year, so now she has to defend her title!!!

*Update: Dixie won!!!!*

Since she'll be dressed as a mermaid, I wanted to be sure to have a matching mani!!  I almost grabbed my stamping plates for this one, but then I thought about how much fun a water marble would be for this!!

I started off with two coats of Sinful Colors Be Happy, a medium aqua creme - which I forgot to take a picture of because I got so excited about it I apparently got a little ahead of myself!  

The formula for Be Happy is a little on the thick but streaky side.  To wear this one it's own, I probably would have needed three coats for a clean look.

For the marbling, I continued with Be Happy and added Zoya Mira, a medium purple creme.

To go with Dixie's sparkly sequins, I added one coat of China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat, and finished with one coat of SV.

And again, I almost went for a scaled stamp over this, but I was so happy with the way the marbling turned out, I couldn't bring myself to cover it with anything!

Doesn't Dixie look super cute?!  She'll have her game face on tomorrow!  She may not be too bright, bless her heart, but she was born for this!!!

I hope you enjoy this one!!  I know I did!

Happy Painting!


  1. ahhhh your doggy is soooo cute! i love the costume! and that is one perfect water marble! gorgeous! good luck to dixie tomorrow! my pup will be dressed as a pirate tomorrow

  2. Adorable. Your nails are perfect.

  3. Your doggie is so cute and I hope he wins the costume contest! I am so jealous of your water marble. It's beautiful.

  4. OMG!!! The costume and Dixie are too cute!! And your watermarble is perfect! :)

  5. Omg, Dixie is so precious!!

    And I love your water marble! Gorgeous as always!

  6. WOW I love your water marbling!

  7. Your dog is adorable! Good luck, Dixie! This is one of the best water marbles I've ever seen! Fantastic color combo, and I love the glitter over the top!

  8. Oooooh little Dixie is SO CUTE! And that manicure is stunning.

  9. Perfect manicure and Dixie is so cute<3

  10. This is absolutely beautiful!!


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