Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review

Hi everyone!  I have a few of the Halloween polish strips from Sally Hansen for you today!!

On my ring and pinky finger is Numbskull, a flat white with black skull and crossbones.  On my middle finger is How Corney, a shimmery white with candy corns.  On my ring finger is Batty for You, a slightly shimmery purple with black bats.

Overall, I think these patterns are super cute for Halloween.  However, I prefer the flat color finish, as opposed to the shimmers, since it seems to take away from the design.  Also, I'm not crazy about the sizes provided as well.  The majority were too small to fit full on my nail, and the next size up was always way too big.

I topped all of these off with NYC Demon Glow top coat, which is supposed to glow under UV light.  I'd love to show you a picture of this effect, but it didn't work for me at all.  I'm not sure if I may have gotten a dud bottle or something.  But, lack of glow aside, I really loved it as a top coat.  It dried really quickly and had a great shine to it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these Salon Effects!

Happy Painting!

*These items were provided for purpose of an honest review*


  1. I Loove the purple with the tiny bats:-)

  2. I like all of them but bummer that the uv topcoat didn't work!

  3. I couldn't get Demon Glow to work for me either :[ The strips look great though!

  4. Those are super cute :) I'm not one for Hallowe'en, but I really like those :) I have never tried nail strips, I think that they are too pricey, personally, when you can get a bottle of polish for the same price and get more than one mani out of them.

  5. I can't buy these in my land. :( Love candycorn


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