Monday, October 22, 2012

Stripe It Up!

Hi everyone!  I recently snagged a few polishes from the new Ornate Collection from Zoya.  I was so excited to use them, so here's what I decided on!

I started with three coats of Zoya Aurora, a beautiful violet jelly, loaded with holographic particles.

Two coats might have done the trick, but there was still a very faint VNL, so I added one more.
I then followed with one coat of SV.

As amazing as this polish is, Aurora will show you a whole new speed when you take her out into the sunlight!

I taped off the upper section of my nail and added one coat of Zoya Blaze, a deep red jelly, loaded with holographic particles.

Blaze is another absolutely dazzling polish.
I followed it with another coat of SV.

I had to take it out in the sunlight as well.  

Lastly, I taped off the section midway down my lower nail and applied one coat of Zoya Storm, a black jelly, loaded with holographic particles.

I finished it off with one final coat of SV.

And, of course, I had to have a look at the finished project out in the sun.

I am absolutely crazy about this trio from the Ornate Collection.  The formulas are perfectly smooth, making application a dream.  I hope you all enjoyed it!

Happy Painting!


  1. Love it!! Super cute! I love Storm, Blaze and Aurora, I am currently wearing all three of them!

  2. Gorgeous Mani, The colors are awesome. So pretty!

  3. GORGEOUS!!! I have the exact same three and love them all ! I have on Blaze now! I did the same thing and went out in the sunlight!!! Simply Magnificent!!!

  4. Oooooohhhhhhh drooool!!! These are the exact three that I was going to get!!!! They are sooo beautiful!!!

  5. Beautiful mani! I love this collection. It's rare that a collection is released and I like EVERY polish.

  6. Can we just agree that your nails are perfection and never speak of this again?))) I love the purple and red together!

    1. This is the sweetest and funniest comment I have ever received!! Thank you so much!!!!!

  7. This is so beautiful! The polishes look great together!

  8. Beautiful! I love those polishes, may have to pick myself up a couple ;)

  9. These are my 3 favorites and they look great together in this mani!!

  10. Ive ordered aurora and black storm but i want the other one now too thanks lol. it looks gorgeous anyway

  11. very very very pretty *_____*


  12. Lovely colours! They suit each other so well. Mmh!


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