Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Cafe Leopard & Gradient

Hi everyone!  As I was swatching The Nail Junkie Cafe Collection (scroll down a bit!) I realized how much the colors reminded me of one of my leopard dresses!  So, you know what that means!!!

I started off with three coats of Cocoa, a soft bronze shimmer, and followed it with one coat of SV.

I then used The Nail Junkie Cocoa, Tea, and Coffee to create a gradient look, with the exception of my ring finger.  I used the same method for the gradient that I outlined here.  I followed it with one coat of SV.

For my ring fingers, I wanted to create a leopard accent to match the dress, so I used my large dotting tool with Tea for the inner rosettes, and my small dotting tool with Coffee for the outside rosette rings.  I finished with one coat of SV.

Here is the final mani against the dress!!  I love how closely the colors match!!

I had an absolute blast creating this!  I hope you enjoy it as well!!

Happy Painting!

Colors: The Nail Junkie Cocoa, Tea, and Coffee


  1. This is absolutely perfect! What a wonderful mani!

  2. It was gorgeous, Nicole!
    I loved how the gradient was subtle and delicate!
    Kisses, directly from Brazil ^ ^

  3. This is so stunning!! Really beautiful job!! :)

  4. I think these kind of posts are my favorites!! When you match your mani to your dress, you always make awesome things!

  5. In one word: stunning!


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