Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer New Wave Swatch & Review

Hi everyone!!  I am so excited about today's post!!  It's pretty rare that I get so completely amped over an entire collection - but it does happen.  And it happened today!

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer's New Wave Winter Collection

Girls on Film

Girls on Film is a gorgeous soft pink creme loaded with an array of hot pink and purple hexes and squares.  The formula is a teeny bit sheer, so I needed three coats for a completely opaque finish.  I am not typically a pink polish girl, but this is absolutely stunning!  It's so much fun to wear and the purple glitters really stand out well.
Shown is three coats of Girls on Film.

Karma Chameleon

Karma Chameleon is a soft white loaded with pastel mini and micro hexes in a variety of colors.  The forumla is a tad sheer, but three coats were more than enough for a completely opaque finish.  This really gives a fantastic confetti look!  I adore it!
Shown is three coats of Karma Chameleon.

Mad World

Mad World is a perfectly named polish!  It is a clear coat with - get this - over 100 different kinds of glitters!!!  Can you believe it?!  Hexes, squares, diamonds, shreds, hearts, stars, circles and bars ... oh my!!!  Even with all of these glitters, this formula was still very easy to work with!  I didn't want to try to do any fishing for any specific glitters, because I really just wanted to see what would come out on it's own, and it did not disappoint!!!
Shown is two coats over Nicole by OPI Now You Sea Me.

Personal Jesus

Personal Jesus is a soft dark grey loaded with black, purple, teal and white hexes in a variety of sizes.  The formula is a bit sheer, but it only took two coats for an opaque finish.  This is an awesome wintery polish!  It's a little dark and super bold!!!
Shown is two coats of Personal Jesus.

Rock Me Amadeus

Rock Me Amadeus is a soft white loaded with burgundy, black, aqua and purple squares and hexes in a variety of sizes.  This one is also a bit sheer, but three coats provided a completely opaque finish.  I absolutely adore the color combination in the glitters here.  It's just so beautiful.
Shown is three coats of Rock Me Amadeus.

Take On Me

Take On Me is a soft white loaded with navy blue, orange, magenta and teal hexes in a variety of sizes.  Again, this is a bit on the sheer side, but three coats gave me a completely opaque finish.  I feel like I have candy coated nails with this on!!
Shown is three coats of Take On Me.

Overall, this collection is amazing!  
Be sure to check out the Nostalgic Nail Lacquer store here, and check them out on Facebook here.

Happy Painting!

*These items were sent to me for the purpose of honest review*


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  2. The last one is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  3. Personal Jesus is my favorite :D

  4. Omg, what an amazing collection! It's so hard to pick a favorite... I love Take On Me and Karma Chameleon

  5. Wow Personal Jesus looks so nice!

  6. wow! Gorgeous!!! =D Loved the review!

  7. These are AWESOME!! What a fun collection, I just love the names!

  8. I love the combo you made with Mad World and NOPI Now You Sea Me


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