Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Fave 15 Nail Art Designs of 2012

Hi everyone!  Okay, I've shown you my fave indies of 2012, so I thought I'd go back and pick my favorite nail art designs of the year too!!!

This is, without a doubt, my favorite water marble creation so far.  And, I can't even lie, it took forever.  I was so picky about the design formations on the water surface, but it was totally worth it.  This is definitely one that I didn't want to take off, and wore it as long as I possibly could!

If anyone has missed my trend, I love to match my manis to my dresses.  I really didn't expect this gradient to work.  It kind of started off as a Hail Mary really.  As soon as I saw the first completed nail, my jaw dropped and I ran upstairs to test it against my dress, and it was a perfect match.  I loved this one completely.

This was the second patchwork mani I'd ever done, and the original inspiration came from Chloe's Nails.  I loved the way the purples complimented each other, and especially the way the holographic brought it all together.

Here is another water marble that I loved, and it was done to match Dixie's Halloween costume!  I was really happy with the way the purple blended into the teal in a few places, which was odd because that usually drives me up the wall.

I really don't know why I love this one as much as I do.  It was done to match my dress for my - EEK!  - 30th birthday party.  It really complimented it well, and it was so much fun to create.

I found the cutest opal stingray earrings while on vacation in Florida, and was so psyched to make a matching mani.  I loved picking the perfect layers for these, and adding a touch of stamping to mimic the sterling silver details.

I know this one is a little on the basic side, but I'm still crazy about it.  I really loved hearing how everyone thought the stamping polish was light blue, while in actuality it was white.  It's so amazing how certain polish shades have such cool effects on other shades!

This was the first time I had tried dotting for my leopard print.  Naturally, the first run took a good bit of time, and I tried to be super meticulous with it.  I really thought the red half moons gave it a little extra vamp.

This, I believe, was the first splatter mani I ever tried.  I was kind of on the fence about this one, but posted it anyway - and it went crazy on Tumblr and Pinterest.  It was really messy, but also a lot of fun.

This was actually inspired by my sister's puzzles, but so many people contacted me to talk about using it for Autism Awareness pages.  That made me so happy!  With all the taping, this one was pretty time consuming, but I was so happy with it!

I know this style has been seen around a lot this year, but, believe it or not ... it started here!!!  I didn't at all have this look planned, or any look in particular.  I was really just playing around with dotting - and suddenly the interlocking look was born!! 

This was the first mani I had ever created as a guest post, and to have been asked by the incomparable Chit Chat Nails was amazing.  I really enjoyed carefully placing my dots and then adding the Hello Kitty accent.

When I started this, I really thought attempting the side by side rainbow stripes was going to be a bust, but it was surprisingly easier than I thought it would have been!  I tried out a couple of different looks with this, but the reverse french accent was by far my favorite.

This was my New Year's mani for 2012, so of course it had to make this list!  This look was originally inspired by Nailside.  I loved using the jelly-esque holos, and I was absolutely mad about the bang design.

I might have a riot on my hands for saying this, but I honestly wasn't much on this one.  But, there is one thing I have learned to believe in when it comes to my nail art.  If I'm not crazy about it, it will be one of my most popular designs.  I'm not kidding - that is what ALWAYS happens!!!!  This is by far my most viewed post, beating out the second place post by nearly 25,000 more views.  I still see it pop up on Pinterest almost daily, as well as Instagram.  I was shocked.  (And it does make me smile to see an Elixir being spread around like wildfire!!)  So, while it isn't one of my favorites, it seems to be a favorite for everyone else!!

So there you have it!!  I hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about these!

Happy Painting!


  1. That water marble is the most stunning I have ever seen!

  2. Woah i just love the water marbling and the splatter manis!!

  3. Your nail art is always so amazing!! The interlocking became one of my favorites to do.

  4. I pinned the "Truly Tiker" design almost a year ago and within seconds (LITERALLY) I already had hundreds of repins! I'm still getting repins for it; over 5,000 now! It's a really cute design!

  5. these are really awesome - you've had a fabulous year xx

  6. I agree with Debbie - this post is full of awesome!

  7. Are there tutorials for any of these?

    1. Yes!! If you click on the name of each mani above the picture, it will take to you the original post for the photo tutorial and instructions. :)

  8. Just love your posts. My favs are definetly your water marbles! You are so talented! Looking forward to what you have in store for 2013! :-)

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