Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Top 20 Indies of 2012

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited about today's post!  This is the first time I have decided to do a "top picks" post!  
As a polish addict, it is easy to love indies.  They're such little gems, and, try as you might, you won't find anything like them in stores.
As an indie maker, it really helps me appreciate the time and creativity that goes into them.

So here we have it!  My Top 20 Indie Polish Picks of 2012!!
(I have linked the names to my original posts for further information for you!!)

These satin finish glitters really show such a delicate and subtle beauty!

These Victorian inspired glitters are simply dazzling and so sophisticated! 

This crisp blue and perfectly picked glitters are so fierce!

This variety of over 100 different glitters is absolutely captivating!

This is, without a doubt, the prettiest pink and the soft glitter are such an awesome touch!

This epic purple is so amazing, and really has a deep sparkle that dazzles!

This is such an amazing combination of glitters!

This glassy finish, amazing sparkle, and deep purple are the perfect combination.

I love these color choices, and the periwinkle sets it all off so well!

This amazing shifter has such a beautiful earthy tone!

This delicate but bold glitter is such a stunner!

This murky purple and gorgeous glitters are so amazing together!

These satin glitters are the perfect addition to almost any shade!!

This clean white and bright glitters are so gorgeous together!

This soft blurple and tiny glitters are so sweet and pretty!

This show stopping shifter is so dazzling it makes my head spin!

This holo duo-chrome is amazing!!!

These perfectly selected glitters are so perfect for this soft white!

There are a thousand sparkles in this deep burgundy stunner!

This creamy purple and stand out glitters make for one awesome mani!

As difficult as it was to narrow down the list, these are my absolute faves of the year!
I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Painting!


  1. Great choices! I love and own all of those Girly Bits! She is amazing! And I certainly need P&P's Concoction!

  2. Funny to see I own actually none of these! Though there are a few pretties listed :).

  3. ah, we understand each other, you and i :) xx

  4. Love the GB Heirloom combo - WOW

  5. Awesome choices - I fell for Indies this year too and find it so hard to select favorites!!!

  6. Wow thank you, I am SO flattered and honoured to be on this list at all let alone more than once. ♥

  7. Just added some to my wishlist!

    1. I can't take it! There r sooooo many beautiful polishes! My jaw literally is opened! I am a nail tech and can only wear gel polish! My heart is broken!!!!


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