Friday, April 19, 2013

Elixir Lacquers Summer Shimeleons

Hi everyone!!  I'm so excited to show you my newest addition to the Elixir Lacquers lineup called Summer Shimeleons!!  This cute quartet was inspired by chameleon skins!  I absolutely adore chameleons.  I mean, come on, who doesn't think they're adorable?  

Olive You

Olive You, a deep olive with flecks of green and maroon and a strong gold shimmer.  

Shown is two coats of Olive You with top coat.

Bombastic Blurple

Bombastic Blurple is a blueish purple with flecks of teal and copper, and a strong blue shimmer.

Shown is two coats of Bombastic Blurple with top coat.

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle is a kelly green with flecks of blue and gold, with a strong light green shimmer.

Shown is two coats of Emerald Isle with top coat.

Cobalt Cool

Cobalt Cool is a deep cobalt blue with flecks of purple and peach, with a strong gold shimmer.

Shown is two coats of Cobalt Cool with top coat.

The Summer Shimeleon Collection will be arriving at the Elixir Lacquers store on May 1st at 1pm EST.


  1. I commented on your fb already but man on man are these gorgeous!! I don't think I can pick a favorite the more I look at them ;-)

  2. What a cool collection! Love the inspiration and the catchy collection name! Shimeleons!!! It won't get any better than that!! I think Cobalt Cool and Emerald Isle are my favourite of this bunch! :D But they are a fab collection!!

  3. I love Emerald Isle the most, but they are all gorgeous!

  4. Congratulations - each and every polish is a stunner and I just LOVE Chameleons, what a great Inspiration - your creativity is awesome xxx

  5. holy molies! these are gorgeous!! i am loving the odd contrasting shimmers you added!!!

  6. Emerald Isle is my favourite, such a beautiful green!

  7. i love the theme, the photos of the chameleons are gorgeous!

  8. Wow, you do such a good job! All of those shades of green have got me ready for summertime :)


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