Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pop Zebra

Hey everyone!!  I really felt like wearing something fun with an awesome pop color, so here's what I ended up with ...

I started off with two coats of Color Secrets Snow White, a crisp white creme.

I then used my striping brush with Sinful Colors Black on Black to create a zebra stripe pattern.  I started to use one of my stamps for the zebra print, but then I realized that I don't have any zebra stamps that are large enough to cover my entire nail.  I was a little intimidated at the thought of doing this freehand, since I've never tried it before, but it was actually really easy and fun too!

I wanted some subtle sparkles, so I added one coat of Northern Lights Holographic Top Coat.

For my pop color, I paired my dotting tools with Color Club Warhol, a bright neon pink.  Since I knew the neon would be a bit on the sheer side, I made sure to apply a second set of dots over the first set for a brighter and more opaque finish.  I followed with one coat of SV.

I really love the final look!  The zebra stripes are such fun to wear, and the pink dots add such a bright and girly flare to it!

I really hope you enjoyed!  Happy Painting!

Colors: Color Secrets Snow White, Sinful Colors Black on Black, Color Club Warhol


  1. Whoooha! Now that's a popping mani! Soooo awesome! Love the colours and the whole design, done to perfection! GORGEOUS! :DD

  2. this is so much fun! and your stripes are perfect!

    1. Thanks hun! I was honestly really surprised at how easy it was!!!

  3. Love these! Wouldn't have guessed it was your first try at zebra print :)

  4. How fun! Love that you added such bright dots on top too :)

  5. I love this so much! I am a sucker for zebra! I could probably never do this without a stencil but it really is amazing! I would probably use a neon green instead of pink. I love seeing all your nail designs!

  6. Wow the zebra print came out great and the pop of color is fun and summery! Love it :)

  7. This is just way too cute and very much my style! I may have to borrow ~

  8. I LOVE this design! It's simple to create but looks so fun and the pop of pink makes it perfect for this season. I also love the holo top coat you add, makes it even more fancy :)

  9. Nicole, i love how this design turned out. The pop of pink gives it a "something different" effect. Well done. :)

    xoxo, Luchessa.


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