Monday, August 26, 2013

What Happens in Vegas ... Ends up on Facebook

Hi everyone!!  I have an amazing Girly Bits shade for you today!!!

What Happens in Vegas ... Ends up on Facebook

This is an amazing shimmering plum holographic with tiny iridescent purple sparkles.  I don't even ... I can't ... too pretty ...  GASP ...


As if this shade wasn't gorgeous enough, and as if this shade with a holo effect wasn't amazing enough - the purple iridescent sparkles??  Are you kidding me!??!?!  GAAAAAHHH!!!!!

The formula is rich and smooth and was so easy to apply!  
Shown is two coats of What Happens in Vegas ... Ends up on Facebook.

I feel so weird when I'm not wearing any sort of nail art, but what happens when you just can't bring yourself to cover up your base color??

I used my Nailz Craze NC01 plate with Color Club Beyond for a simple peacock feather on my ring fingers.  I finished with one coat of SV.

I'm so sorry, I just couldn't stop taking pictures of this!!

I am so excited to wear this for the holidays as well?  How perfect is this for a Sugarplum Fairy shade!?

I hope you enjoyed seeing this as much as I enjoy wearing it!!  Happy Painting!

Colors: Girly Bits What Happens in Vegas ... Ends up on Facebook, Color Club Beyond
Stamping Plate: Nailz Craze NC01
Gif Image Courtesy of:


  1. Love this colour, it is simply stunning! :-)

  2. Looks lovely! I really need to get myself some Girly Bits holos!

  3. That is a super cool name :)))

  4. Oh my goodness, I love this color! Gotta love indie brands, they know how to do polish right.

  5. Lies, doesn't look any thing like the pic brought a bottle looks like a old lady color. It should've stayed in Vagas.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

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