Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Favorite Indie Shades of 2013

Hey everyone!  Yesterday I covered my fave mainstream shades of the year, now it's on to the indies!!  I narrowed it down to my top twenty-five ... which was actually really difficult.  

Glam Polish
Blood and Bones!
I just can't stop looking at these awesome glitters!

Darling Diva
What You Do For Money Honey?
For such a dark shade, these shimmer spark so brilliantly!!

I love black & white glitters, and the addition of grays is just awesome!

Darling Diva
Little Red Corvette
Soooo many sparkles!!!!  *thud*

Glitter Daze
Lei It On Me
Tons of neon in a white base?  Yes please.  A lot.

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer
This is quite possibly the brightest, juiciest pink EVER!!!

Fanchromatic Nails
Horse Lord
I was really surprised at how much I loved this shade!  It's awesome!!

Girly Bits 
A Stripper has been Sleeping in my Bed
I think this is my absolute favorite micro glitter of the year!

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer 
I cannot get enough of this squishy purple!

Glitter Daze 
Summer Spinkles
I love the graffiti look of this one!

Girly Bits 
What Happens in Vegas ... Ends up on Facebook
This holo is so gorgeous, and the purple iridescent sparks are amazing!!

A England
Sleeping Palace
Do I even need to say anything here?  I mean, amazing much?!

Penélope Luz  
Blue Bird of Paradise
This is such a sweet accent for so many base colors!

Glitter Daze
I am so crazy about this beige toned holo!

So many crazy black glitter shapes!!  LOVE!

Girly Bits
D!ck in a Box
This shade is absolutely beautiful and edgy!

Pretty & Polished
Dancing at Dusk
I love this thermal to pieces!!  Sooo pretty!

Femme Fatale
This gorgeous holo is so unbelievably beautiful.

Girly Bits
Get Weaponized
Of course, this is one of my faves of the year!  This is the collaboration shade that Girly Bits created for my second blogiversary.

Pretty & Polished
Harajuku Honey 
This bright coral jelly is amazing!!

Pretty in Punk
I am mad for this duo-chrome holo!!

Sand in my Stocking
I don't think I could possibly love this shade more!!

Pretty & Polished
Boots and Bows
This is the sweetest little pink polish ever!

I adore this chocolate charcoal holo!!!

Penélope Luz
This sweet little glitter is so pretty and delicate!

I hope you enjoyed my favorite indies of 2013!  Happy Painting!


  1. So many beautiful polishes! Purple ones caught my eye

  2. OMG! they're perfect! Love every single one:)

  3. Awesome! ooooh great place to create more lemmings!
    Thank you for including so many Girly Bits ♥

  4. Wow. I need that little neon glittery goodness in my life xx

  5. some great choices - although you missed out some of the ones you made me buy :) xx

  6. I love your choices! Some I tried, some I didn't - so many more to add to the wishlist ;)


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