Saturday, December 14, 2013

Favorite Nail Art Designs of 2013

Hey everyone!!  In no particular order, and with no particular number set, although I think I hit around twenty-three or so, here are my favorite nail art designs of 2013!!

This simple black and gray polka dot mani was definitely one of my all time favorites!  The wax top coat and big white bow really made it pop!

I adored this bright blend of colors and a little glitz!

These water decals and nail charm were such a huge hit with me!

I was so in love with this look, inspired by The Mortal Instruments.  All of the shades went together so well, and looked even better with a matte finish!

This trio was made to go together!  I was so excited to see that OPI shared this one on their pages as well!

Slightly Snowy
I was crazy about this snowflake mani!

I love this sweet beige holo coupled with the delicate designs and flocking powder!

I had so much fun playing with so many types of holo glitters!

I loved wearing this one!  The houndstooth was the perfect touch for such a bold violet!

I don't typically go for an all pastel mani, but I loved the way these colors worked with the zebra stripes!

Being a tattoo fanatic myself, I loved the way this mani turned out!

I still adore this sweet little Tiffany's mani!

Skittlettes are always such fun to wear!

It's probably pretty obvious that I love chevron patterns, but this rainbow gradient really made it pop!

I loved the edgy jester/pirate feel I got from this!

My favorite thing about this was the sea glass look!

This was definitely one of my favorite skittle designs of the year!

This one is definitely special to me.  When I posted my idea about a way to honor the life of Talia Joy, I never imagined what a big event it would become.

I loved this dotting pattern!  The neons made it pop so well!

I really adore this bold look!

I was so happy about the NPW office re-vamp, that a matching mani was a must!

I loved the way these A England shades went together, and it was so excited to see so many "inspired by" manis modeled after this gradient!!

I was a little skeptical about my color choices when I started this, but I loved the way it turned out!

Neutral shades & finishes are always so great together!

I'm so excited to see what new nail art trends will pop up in 2014!  Do you have any ideas for next year yet?


  1. That is a lot of amazing work!! I especially liked the chevron gradient!

  2. Amazing nail art designs you did this year! There all lovely :)

  3. Amazing nair art, girl! I love your blog, it's amazing.

  4. Awesome picks! I remember that first one, the dots, and having you to blame for my instant obsession with Wax That!

  5. Great pictures and very sweet naildesigns! :)

  6. I love so many of these so much! Slightly Snowy has to be my fave though :)


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