Monday, January 13, 2014

A England Ballerina Collection Swatch & Review

Hi everyone!!  I have the breathtaking Ballerina Collection from A England for you today!

Dancing with Nureyev

Dancing with Nureyev is a soft metallic blue holographic.  The formula was rich and easy to apply.  This is such a dazzling shade, and the hint of periwinkle is just perfect.
Shown is two coats of Dancing with Nureyev.

Encore Margot

Encore Margot is a soft metallic silver holographic.  The formula was rich and easy to apply.  I love this one to pieces for it's slightly muted tone.  The silver isn't overly flashy, which I think makes it that much more stunning.
Shown is two coats of Encore Margot.


Fonteyn is a pale metallic lilac holographic.  The formula was rich and easy to apply.  There is something so wonderfully ethereal about this shade!!
Shown is two coats of Fonteyn.

Her Rose Adagio

Her Rose Adagio is a soft rose toned beige holographic.  The formula was rich and easy to apply.  I adore this one as well.  It has such a delicate quality!
Shown is two coats of Her Rose Adagio.

In all honesty, A England can do no wrong with me.  I love each and every shade that I have ever tried!  You can find these and other beauties at the A England storefront page here, and at other online retailers such as Nail Polish Canada.

*Products provided for the purpose of an honest review*


  1. Beautiful swatches! Although, I like Dancing with Nureyev best :)

  2. Lovely shades from this collection! I kind of want them now even though I'm on a no buy, lol!

  3. Love each and every one of them. Honestly, I haven't seen an aEngland polish I didn't want! It's like they can do no wrong! And, WOW, your presentation - nails, cuticles, polish work, all pristine.

  4. What a beautiful collection <3

  5. I've never heard a bad word against any A England polish. I just got four in the mail yesterday, yay! These all look lovely on you, although I find A England polishes so far all look way better in person than any photos I've seen.


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