Thursday, January 30, 2014

Barielle Shades and Product Swatch & Review

Hi everyone!  I have three awesome Barielle shades for you today, as well as three of their awesome nail & skin care products!  I ended up liking these shades so much that I used them for a bit of nail art that will be up tomorrow!!

Banana Drop

Banana Drop is a soft yellow creme.  The formula was relatively easy to apply, but was a little bit streaky for the first two coats.  (But this is pretty typical of most yellow shades.)  I love this shade to pieces!  I am so crazy about baby yellows right now, and this was a fast favorite.
Shown is three coats of Banana Drop.

Mint Ice Cream Cone

Mint Ice Cream Cone is a pale green creme.  The formula was smooth and easy to apply.  To me this one leans a bit more towards pistachio than mint, but that's just my opinion.  No matter though, because I am just crazy about this shade!
Shown is two coats of Mint Ice Cream Cone. 

Peach Pop

Peach Pop is a peachy pink creme.  The formula was smooth and easy to apply.  I adore this color!  It's not overly girly, but it's still really sweet - and that's a huge plus for me!
Shown is two coats of Peach Pop.

I also had the opportunity to try three of their nail & skincare products!!  This is my first time trying any of their non-polish products, so I was really excited to see how they would work for me.

The Extra Gentle Cuticle Minimizer Gel is awesome!  I had a couple of rougher spots on the cuticles on my right hand and this smoothed them out immediately, and left my skin feeling really soft.  It has a light fresh scent that isn't overpowering.
The Nail Strengthener Cream has a bit of a whipped consistency, so it went on really easy and my skin drank is up at once!  It didn't leave my nails feeling greasy either, which is a major plus!  I love the light smell that has a bit of a sweetness to it too!
The 60 Second Mani-Pedi Scrub is great!  The scrub itself was actually more gentle than I thought it would be.  My hands felt amazing after using it!  And the mandarin scent isn't too citrusy, which was perfect for me!

I know how much time we can spend on nail and skincare.  All of these were quick uses, so I didn't need to spend a heap of time on getting my hands and nails to look and feel great!

You can find these and other great Barielle shades and products at their storefront here.
I hope you enjoyed!  Happy Painting!

*Products provided for the purpose of an honest review*


  1. Nice swatches and review! Those are pretty shades!

  2. Peach pop is amazing ;)

  3. I am such a sucker for those pastel polishes. I love them! They are so fresh looking. I have been more than ready to say goodbye to holiday and/or winter colors. Am loving the new collections coming out.

  4. I've heard good things about this barielle product. Going on my wish ♥ list now.


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