Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hask Hair Products Review

Hi everyone!  I recently had the opportunity to try out some hair products by Hask, so here they are ...

The first set was this Argan Oil Repairing formula.  The first thing I noticed was the amazing but light floral citrus scent.  I was a little concerned about the shampoo.  It felt very chemically strong.  The conditioner was much lighter though, but so was the scent.  I noticed my hair seemed a little more weighted down than it usually does and my scalp felt a bit on the dry side after I dried my hair.  While the Repairing Shine Oil felt amazing in my hair and gave me tons of shine, it didn't curb the dry feeling that I had.

The second set was the Keratin Protein Smoothing formula.  The light fruity scent was really pleasing.  This shampoo seemed a bit less chemically strong than that of the Argan Oil.  The conditioner was just as light.  I didn't notice so much scalp dryness after using this one either, and my hair didn't feel quite so weighted down.  I really liked the Smoothing Shine Oil as well.

You can find these and other Hask products at their storefront here.

*Products provided for the purposes of an honest review by Hask & Brand Backer*

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