Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nail Technology: Week 3

Hi everyone!  Week 3 of nail tech school is behind me now!  I started my week off with some more tip overlays, then I moved on to sculpting.  To be completely honest, the idea of sculpting really intimidated me.  
To sculpt, you apply a nail form to the finger, shape it, and then create a full nail length using only polymer (acrylic powder).  Then you lightly file to smooth it out.

Here is my first set of tip overlays for the week.  I used the Ishihara test look to spell out "Love" for Valentine's Day! 

My instructor asked me to try a tip overlays with a bit more length, so go big or go home, right?!

Here is my first attempt at a pink and white sculpt.  After the form was applied, I began by forming the tip with my white polymer.  Once I was happy with that portion, I added my translucent pink polymer to the top and lightly blended it.

Here's my first full set of pink and white sculpts!

My second set is looking a little better!!

After trying my reusable nail forms, I wanted to give the disposable ones a shot.  The look of these on the nail cracks me up!

Here's my sculpt before filing and shaping.

And here's the finished product!!

I added my pink jelly to the top of the nail for more of a traditional look.
I'm really enjoying learning so many new things!  I can't wait to see what next week will bring!
I hope you enjoyed!  Happy Painting!


  1. Just reading your post brings a smile to my face. You're having so much fun and it just shines through :)

  2. You're doing amazing, I'm not surprised 😊

  3. It's so neat to see your progress!! I entertained the idea of becoming a nail tech, but I have an aversion to feet, so I couldn't do it.

  4. Love the polka dots!! Glad things are going well.

  5. Wow! You're doing so well!
    And, I really loved the 'Love Ishihara test' - briliant! ;)

  6. Super cool and pretty. I am living vicariously through you until I can pursue my nail dream.

  7. Your love nails are the coolest thing ever😊💕


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